Seeing Strawberries! The Total Deliciousness of This New Beloved Shake Flavor

There is certainly nothing more nutritious and healthy than a good wholesome, hearty meal. But, given the current times that we live in, which for many of us means sitting glued to our computer desks, whipping up a whole meal or even finding time to eat one can be quite a challenge. 310 Nutrition is a company that makes meal replacement shakes to solve this dilemma, in tasty flavors. This article is a review of their new 310 Strawberry Shake (because I love that flavor!).

The following 310 shake reviews will help you learn about this company and their meal replacement shakes (namely, strawberry)

First off, what is a Meal Replacement Shake?


Meal replacement shakes, as the name indicates, replace whole meals. They are like any other shake, except that they have a better nutritional index, can fill you up enough to substitute a whole meal, and they also help in losing weight and improving your protein profile.

Unlike the regular diet plans, with meal replacements shakes you do not have to starve. An ideal meal replacement can keep you full for up to three to four hours. They are no magic potions, but when used wisely can help you achieve your diet goals without having to compromise much.

The New 310 Strawberry Shake Formula

310 shakes have been formulated to help you achieve your long-term weight loss goals. With their new plant-based Tri-Plex Protein profile, 310 shakes aim to revolutionize the standards of meal replacement shakes. The shakes do not have any fillers, and don’t contain soy protein or chemical additives, making them a viable option to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals. For 310 Shakes, it’s not just about weight loss, but the overall health of the consumer. The success of this formula relies on its top quality ingredients.

What You Will Love about the New Strawberry Shake

You will find the taste of this shake flavor MUCH better than the previous formula, with an intensely rich, fruity, strawberry flavor that mixes well with fruits and vegetables. Users report that this new flavor easily hides the taste of veggies in their shakes. And the best part is, it’s sugar-free! Only natural sweeteners and new technologies are used to give this shake its awesome flavor.

The 310 shake reviews for the new strawberry flavor talk about the richer and creamier taste, with consumers posting their favorite recipes made using the new 310 strawberry shake, adding that it is also delicious on its own.


1 scoop or serving of 310 strawberry shake contains 90 calories. The best part is that none of this nutritional value comes from unhealthy fat. It has 1g of fat (not trans or saturated), and is sugar-free! Here is a list of other nutrients per scoop (27.6g) of 310 strawberry shake:

  • Protein: 15g, which will keep you active
  • Carbohydrates: 7g (of which 5g is dietary fiber), gives you the energy to power ahead through the day
  • Cholesterol: 0mg, to keep you healthy
  • Potassium: 30 mg, again to create the right balance

Apart from these, the 310 strawberry shake is abundant in 20 different vitamins and minerals which make it an ideal health drink.

The Trademark Plant-Based Tri-Plex Protein Profile:

310 strawberry shake focuses on a plant based formula, to provide the most natural and non-harmful source of ingredients. The three main proteins in the formula are:

Pea Protein: This is the protein responsible for curbing your cravings by stalling the process of ghrelin, the hormone which signals the brain to create a hunger response.

Brown Rice Protein: It is a great substitute to soy protein, and can help in not putting on excess weight. It also regulates the cholesterol level aiding in weight loss. It is also efficient in improving the function of your liver and heart.

Hemp: It is a perfect plant based protein, and the best vegan protein supplying the body with 9 essential amino acids which cannot be produced indigenously in the body.

Strawberry 310 Shake Reviews from the 310 Facebook Community page…

Mary Jean Smith [Symbol] “OMG the Strawberry Shake is super amazing……..with frozen strawberries, almond milk and raw coconut sugar. Feeling as if I am cheating at McDonald’s”

April Payne said [Symbol] “They are all good but I think this was my favorite so far. Strawberry shake with spinach, strawberry and honey naturals jam (35 calories tbsp), plain Greek yogurt, unsweetened vanilla coconut milk, and four ice cubes yummm oh!”

LM Wallace Marshall said “Tried the strawberry shake just now from my starter kit. I added a cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk and a Tbsp of sugar free cheesecake instant pudding mix and blended it with ice cubes. I couldn’t stop drinking it, strawberry is my new fav. It’s so yummy”

According to users, 310’s new strawberry shake is a must try. The shake is also currently available in vanilla and vanilla chai, with chocolate coming soon.

For delicious recipes using 310 strawberry shake log on to the 310 website or click here. This new flavor made using advanced technologies, is one to keep you hooked with its thick consistency that blends with all sorts of beverages. It is not just a treat for strawberry lovers but a sensation among the entire range of meal replacement shakes.

Logan Augustine

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