5 Food Chemicals that Lead to Weight Gain Silently


Let’s observe a two-minute silence for all those people who are struggling to lose weight but are making zilch progress despite having a healthy diet. Okay okay, we are just kidding. And before you take offence, allow us to make amends by telling you a little secret—your relatively “healthy” diet may be having some everyday foods that lead to weight gain.

Yes, you heard that right. A new research has found certain harmful chemicals in your food that could put you at risk of weight gain—and they sometimes are apparently healthy picks like lean meats, fish, fruits and veggies. Whoa!

Known as obesogens these toxins interrupt our hormonal function and cause an imbalance of good and bad bacteria by altering our gut biome. Due to this, you might undergo confused hunger cues, a sleepy metabolism, and an increase in fat cells and fat storage—all of which leads to weight gain. If that wasn’t enough, these harmful chemicals in foods also increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and bad cholesterol.

So, it pays to know about the everyday food chemicals that lead to weight gain and how to avoid weight increasing foods.



Bisphenol-A (BPA)


The recently understood dangers of synthetic compound BPA has sure launched a new market for BPA-free bottles but the compound is still found in almost all people tested nationwide. In fact, a Harvard and Brown University study of 1000 American women found that ladies with the highest levels of BPA reported gaining about 230 grams more per year compared to women with lowest levels of BPA.

Some studies have shown BPA to speed-up fat-cell differentiation, interrupt pancreatic functioning and cause insulin resistance—all of which are risk factors for obesity.

Avoid weight increasing foods like canned tomatoes and tuna fish. In fact, canned tuna is one of the most BPA-laden foods on store shelves to steer clear of BPA.




Availability and affordability could be factors behind choosing conventional produce over organic but here’s a reason to make a different choice: Triflumizole, a fungicide used on leafy greens have been linked to weight gain. This was found by a study published in the Journal of Environmental Health Perspectives.

In fact, virtually all common chemicals sprayed on crops disrupt our endocrine system—meaning they encourage fat storage and sabotage our body’s ability to build lean muscles.

Ditch conventional everyday foods that lead to weight gain for their organic versions. The extra cost and effort will be worth your while.




Added to your favourite comfort foods like mayonnaise and salad dressings, emulsifiers are added to processed foods to improve texture and prevent separation. A study published in the journal Nature showed that they negatively impact our gut biome and create a bacterial imbalance. This can result in metabolic syndrome.

Emulsifiers can be hidden in food labels under names like “polysorbates” and “sorbitan monostearate.” Steer clear of such and load your diet with whole foods instead.


Antibiotics and Hormones


You eat cattle meat not knowing that they may have been treated with antibiotics and hormones. According to research, these substances can lead to weight gain. Mice exposed to comparable amounts of antibiotics had decreased levels of T-cells, found a New York University study. This leads to an impaired immune function and is linked to obesity. According to another study published in the Journal of Obesity, the obesity epidemic could be a result of the use of steroid hormones in conventional dairy farming and meat production.

Choose “organic,” “free range” and “grass-fed” meats and dairy products as they are free of antibiotics and hormones.


Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA)


They could be more convenient and less messy to use, but your non-stick cookware, also known as Teflon could be a reason for your weight gain. That’s because they contain PFOA, the highest levels of which in pregnant mothers made them three times as likely to have overweight daughters as compared to mothers with lowest levels. This chemical can easily seep into your food from the cookware. PFOA is also found in greaseproof food wrappers and microwavable popcorn bags, so avoid them too.

You can steer clear of harmful chemicals in foods that risk weight gain by replacing your non-stick cookware as soon as you see chips and scratches on them. You could also opt for untreated stainless steel or cast iron utensils.

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Types of Laser Treatment for Weight Loss


Do you want to shed unwanted fat from your body with 40 minutes of painless treatment? If yes, laser treatment is the way for you. It is a revolutionary option for people who have lost faith in exercise and diet control.

Laser treatment is a non-invasive body contouring procedure which can effectively remove excess fat from the human body. To help you win the inescapable race to lose body weight in a short period of time, science has come up with effective laser treatments and therapies. These therapies are becoming extremely popular among people belonging to higher and upper middle class in India. They are costly treatments which makes it difficult for masses to afford them.





Until a few years ago, liposuction or lipoplasty was popular among people who wanted immediate weight loss but after the introduction of therapies such as Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), also known as cold laser, soft laser, or therapeutic laser, people are bending towards this carefree and painless treatment.

It is an effective treatment modality for those who are overweight. Results can be quite dramatic where conventional weight loss methods have failed. A patient doesn’t need to go through an operation. They don’t even realize any sensation or pain during the treatment.

Comparing liposuction with (LLLT) for weight loss, Pramada Das, user of LLLT, Account Manager in a leading Advertising agency says, “When I had liposuction treatment 5 years ago, doctors removed the entire area of fat cells from beneath the skin using a hollow stainless steel tube used with a powerful vacuum, but again, I gained weight within 2 years. Liposuction is not less than an operation which can be accomplished either with the use of general anesthesia.”

“In contrast, laser treatment is a 100% non-invasive and the machine is applied externally to the body. I don’t have to go through any anesthesia or pain. The session as relaxing for me that during sessions I am listening to music, reading books and magazines. During the entire process I lay down in a comfortable position for approximately thirty minutes at a time, in a relaxed environment, while I am losing a significant flab from my body” he adds.

Mainly there are two kinds of laser therapies for weight loss:


    • Low-level laser treatment- Also called cold laser treatment; it is the most popular among all laser treatments for weight loss.


    • Laser acupuncture- This other type of laser treatment for weight loss is not only to remove fat from particular areas of the body but to suppress appetite and increase metabolism.


According to researchers, it has been found that there are specific acupuncture points in the ear which on stimulation suppresses our appetite and cravings for food. It enhances the current diet and exercise programs practised by the body.





Cold, soft, non-invasive laser beams are directed at 37 points on the body. It is similar to acupuncture but without a needle. The stimulation of the specific body points signals the brain to release endorphins (a hormone which reduces production of stress hormone) which in turn reduces cravings for extra food.

The experts who perform laser treatment take notice of the patient’s history before selecting the method of treatment as each patient requires a customized approach. When the experts feel there is need to correct internal body imbalances to reduce the body weight, laser acupuncture is recommended to the patient. It is advised especially to those patients who have gained body weight because of:


    • Hormonal Imbalance


    • Personality or emotional eating


    • Liver dysfunction


    • Malabsorption (faulty absorption of nutrient materials from the alimentary canal)


A 38-year-old user of laser acupuncture, Marlene Koester exclaims her happiness, “In all honesty, I was 25 kilos overweight when I started my laser treatment. I didn’t find the energy and was completely depressed. In 2 months I lost 8 kilos, and then I joined a gym. I felt re-energized, desired to go out and enjoy life with my family. This whole experience has also changed my relationship with my husband and kids in the most positive way”.

It can be a miraculous treatment method for weight loss but it has its own benefits and disadvantages.




    • Reduced bruising (possibly)


    • No anesthesia


    • Quicker recovery (possibly)


    • No pain


    • Quick results


    • No need for bed rest after treatment




    • Expensive


    • Risk of Burns


    • Allergic reaction to medications or material used during surgery


    • Infection


    • Damage to the skin and surrounding tissues


    • Skin necrosis (dead skin)


    • Puncture of an internal organ


    • The skin may look bumpy and/or withered


    • Fluid imbalance


Find out from your health practitioner if you are fit to go through a laser treatment for weight loss, and understand how it would benefit you.

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A Low-carb Diet and Workout Combo to Burn Body Fat


We have endless options to burn fat but are not sure which can actually do the deal. For those who are trying to reduce body fat and improve their body composition, an effective way to burn body fat is carbohydrate depletion.

Here is a combination of diet and exercise that make our bodies efficient at burning unwanted body fat. The combination works to sustain weight loss, improve body composition, enhance metabolic efficiency and develop strength.



Workout Session


You need to have a workout regimen that ensures that the body fat avoids metabolic shifts and limits negative hormonal responses. The ideal 30-minute workout plan involves the following exercises.


    • Warm up, stretching exercises – 2-3 minutes


    • Dumbbell squat, curl and press (3 sets, 20 reps each set)


    • Elbow planks push-ups (3 sets, 10 reps each set)


    • Rest – 2 minutes


    • Lunges (3 sets, 20 reps each set)


    • Straight-leg raises (3 sets, 20 reps each set)


    • Rest – 2 minutes


    • Squats (3 sets, 10 reps each set)


    • Cool down exercises – 2-3 minutes


One should go easy at first as it is important to understand that the body takes time to adapt to the workout routine.


Eating Plan


To get rid of body fat, this plan recommends a diet that’s moderate in fat intake and is easier to sustain than one without any fat or carbohydrates. You have to opt for fat over carbohydrates and sugar when you have limited options.


For Evening Workout Plan




    • 1 whole egg and 3 egg whites


    • Mixed peppers and greens (can also be combined with above in an omelette)


    • Half a cup of natural salsa (low or no sugar)


MEAL 2 (snack)


    • Blend together whey protein (half scoop), unsweetened 2 cups almond milk, 2 cups spinach or kale. Sprinkle with cinnamon




    • Chicken or turkey breast with mixed greens


MEAL 4 (pre-workout snacks)


    • One apple and half a scoop of whey protein in shake


MEAL 5 (post-workout meal)


    • Sweet potato, sprinkle of cinnamon and pepper



For Morning Weight Training


MEAL 1 (pre-workout)


    • A shake of half a scoop whey protein, unsweetened cup of almond milk, a banana and peanut butter


MEAL 2 (post-workout snack)


    • Celery sticks with two spoons of hummus




    • Chicken or turkey breast with mixed greens


MEAL 4 (snack)


    •     Tuna salad with 10-15 almonds




    • Broccoli, spinach or any green vegetable


Of course, there are endless options when it comes to burning body fat. The aforementioned plan is another that helps one get rid of body fat naturally and effectively. The diet might turn out to be difficult to maintain in the long-term, but then you can always add to it your favourite low-carb recipes and also exercises that you enjoy.

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Never Say These 5 Things to Someone Trying to Lose Weight


You’ve met a friend after months and she has lost weight. You want to compliment her and as harmless as it may seem, some forms of “compliments” are just not what she wants to hear.

So, here’s what you should not say when you run into someone who’s trying to or has already shed pounds.



You look great — what’s your secret?


There is no magic wand or magic pill to help you lose weight. The change you see is because of mindful eating and discipline. While talking to someone who has been trying hard to shed pounds, show them support instead of throwing random words out of your mouth. You must realize that they worked their way to this, and not through a “secret” trick.


Don’t become anorexic!


You might want to make sure they are losing weight in a healthy way, but warning them about anorexia may not be taken in the sense you tried to convey. If you are concerned, say it in your head because to someone hearing it, it does not seem like a concern but a discouraging comment. There are many better ways to show your concern.


You should have done this years ago!


If you say this, it seems like the person didn’t care before. It is never too late to start losing weight. It is one of the things to avoid saying to a person losing weight but is said often. Be appreciative through kinder words.
“Let me tell you about this plan that worked for me.”

You have no idea how many times that person has heard this before and it gets more annoying with each time. It will seem condescending to them. So, it is better to tell them that they’re doing a good job and keep your opinion out of it.


You’ve tried this before, you can’t lose weight


There can’t be anything worse than this for someone trying to lose weight. You will be considered as one of those who are never supportive. They are trying and you shouldn’t bring them down.

Don’t say mean things to a person trying to lose weight. If you want to compliment, say a few words of encouragement, these may give them extra strength to get where they want to. Or you could just say, “I am proud of you!”

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Everything You Need to Know about Fibre Rich Foods


Hogging down fibre-rich foods, such as soy milk, yoghurt, breakfast bars, etc may seem like a shortcut to get closer to your nutritional goals, but doing so will not help you lose weight. According to a recent study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition, eating bars that have added fibre for breakfast does not help in decreasing hunger pangs. The research team had also previously found that oatmeal and fruit is more filling compared with a beverage that has been made with the same amount of fibre.



How Fibre Induces Weight Loss?


Fibre from fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains takes up space in the stomach preventing one from overeating. Besides, eating foods that are packed with fibre helps in lowering the body’s absorption of calories from carbohydrates. A study done by the U.S. Department of Agriculture study had found that women, who increased their intake of fibre from 12 grams to 24 grams every day, absorbed at least 90 fewer calories in a day compared with those, who ate the same amount of food, but with less fibre.


Foods with Fibre


To get the recommended daily allowance of fibre for a healthy body, ensure that these fibre-rich foods charm your plate at breakfast.

Whole grains: According to experts, the fibre that one gets from eating the outer layer of grains helps in curbing hunger. Switch white pasta with whole wheat and white rice for brown rice. A cup of these grains contains 3.5 grams of fibre.

Legumes and beans: Toss beans and legumes in your salad and soup. Not only are beans and legumes rich in fibre, but also protein.

Vegetables: Toss lots of veggies into your salad. Top spinach soup with avocado, artichoke hearts and corn to get you closer to your fibre goals. Ensure that your mealtime sides are veggies. You would only be happy if you include a cup of split peas in your diet because that itself offers 16.3 grams of fibre. [Read: Best Vegetables to Lose Weight]

Fruit salad: Start the day with berries and your favourite fruits. A cup of raspberries has about a third of your daily fibre requirements. If you have a sweet tooth, replace dessert with fruit. A medium-sized pear has about 5.5. grams of fibre.


Read: Can overeating Fruits cause weight Gain?


How to Identify Foods with Added Fibre?


To know when a food has added fibre, look for oat bran, barley bran, pectin, cellulose, gums, soluble corn fibre, polydextrose, fruit extracts, agave, etc on the label.

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How does dalia aid in weight loss | dalia benefits


People often give up the idea of losing weight when they are told they would also have to give up delicious foods. After all, it’s not easy to escape the temptations of your favourite foods. This is where broken wheat, better known as ‘dalia’ in Indian households, comes into the picture and proves the notion wrong. Dalia is not only healthy and delicious but it also aids weight loss. Dalia is made by crushing whole raw wheat into small pieces. It contains high contents of fiber, proteins, B-vitamins. You may have heard of people using dalia for weight loss.



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According to a recent study conducted by Harvard Medical School, women who ate cracked wheat or whole grains on a regular basis had consistently lower weights than those who did not eat either of it. Here is how dalia aids weight loss.


Low Calorie


What makes dalia so great for weight loss is that it’s not only full of nutrition but surprisingly low in calories. Consumption of dalia on a regular basis adds very little to your daily calorie count. At the same time, it does not fail to provide you nutritional benefits.


High Fiber


Since it contains wheat bran and wheat germ, dalia is an excellent source of fibre which aids in digestion and ensures that your body functions properly, keeping you healthy. Moreover, fibre present in your food cannot be converted into sugar, which is why including dalia in your diet for weight loss makes a lot of sense and difference.


Slow to Process


There is a common notion that foods that process and burn faster are more beneficial in weight loss, however, this is untrue. Instead, the foods that process quickly tend to make you feel hungry faster and lead to more storage of sugar in the body. The benefit of eating dalia is that your body breaks it down and absorbs slowly.


Low Glycemic Index


A glycemic index is used to measure how much sugar is being converted from any particular food. The higher index indicates more sugar. Low glycemic index foods are recommended best for someone who is seeking to lose weight. And dalia is one such food. It gets absorbed slowly and keeps your blood sugar in balance.


High Protein


Dalia is an excellent source of protein. You should eat dalia for weight loss because it gives you a high protein diet and does not contain fats. Therefore, it is a safe, fat-free source of protein that you must include in your diet.




Since dalia is rich in fibre and takes longer to get fully absorbed, it will leave you fuller for long. You will not feel hungry as quickly as you may feel after eating some other foods. A smaller portion of dalia can satisfy your hunger.

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Change Your Attitude, Change Your Weight Loss Results


Are you feeling tired of trying everything and still failing on your journey to weight loss?

The reason could be many but the main reason to not be able to lose weight is the attitude. Your attitude is the key to getting better results. Most people start off their journeys to weight loss by pushing themselves to the limit to achieve the “perfect” body. The first thing you need to know is one size does not fit all, thus your efforts to look like somebody might not be the best way to weight loss. You are born different and you have a different body type—except this fact and you are ready to start off this journey. Loving yourself the way you are is important, but being healthy and fit is equally important.

Remember, a weight scale cannot and should not determine your worth. If you are feeling discouraged, try out some of these tips to change your weight loss results:


Surround Yourself with Positive People



Read: 5 Ways to recognize negative people and keep away from them


People tend to give their opinions even where it is not required, so no need surround yourself with people who recommend a bunch of nonsensical things. Instead hang out with positive people who encourage you, support you and motivate you to be a better version of you. An emotionally healthy environment is of paramount importance on your journey as it’s not an easy one. You should take all the support you get and ask for more.


Keep Short-term Goals


Of course, the main result is losing all the extra kilos but that should not be the main goal. Set sustainable goals that you can achieve and can have control over. Eat as many servings as you can of fruits and vegetables, and avoid junk food – ask yourself if you were able to do that today? Great! Hop on to the next goal of doing a continuous 20-30 minutes run. But do not try and do this on the very first day of your exercise regime. Take a breath and focus on the attainable.

Set small goals and give your 100 percent to them. Achieving these small goals on a daily basis is going to motivate you to achieve bigger goals. If you set your eyes only on losing weight, you may not be able to achieve that. Think about it! Achieving a little every day can help you be better and lose weight in the best possible way.


Eliminate the Negative Thoughts



Negative thoughts create a negative attitude, which may result in a low self-esteem and feelings of guilt. The internal dialogue of your unconscious may get you stressed and you may end up having cravings. Identify your negative thoughts and try to eliminate them from your mind. Distract yourself by talking to your loved ones about how you are struggling, visit an expert if you think it is serious, or lie back, relax and think about the small positive things you have achieved or done on this journey of yours.


Read: Banish Negative Thoughts that are Holding You Back


Have Patience


Patience is very important to lose weight as it is a long and a tedious process. Do not wrap yourself around a timeline, for example; “I have to lose 5 kilos this week”. If you want to lose weight, lose it the right way. If you are trying on a new diet plan and do not how to cook. Don’t worry; nobody turns into a renowned chef in one night. Start where you are and build from there.


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These 10 Shopping Tips Can Help You Lose Weight


Shopping when you are following a body building or weight loss regime requires a reasonable degree of planning and self-control. Shopping malls and stores are flooded with attractive food items mostly of zero or low nutritional value but stuffed with empty calories. These attractive, lip-smacking delicacies are enough to create a mental distraction, diverting you from your goal of achieving a strong and healthy body. Shopping for weight loss does require a better application of common sense and awareness matching your dietary requirements and budget.


Develop healthy eating habits that will drive you in shopping for weight loss, forcing you to think twice before adding any junk food in the shopping cart. People habituated with cooking at home are bound to go for the right kind of shopping for weight loss. They seldom stuff their kitchen cabinets and refrigerators with unhealthy food items thus maintaining the regularity in healthy eating, which is essential for any weight loss program.



10 Shopping Tips for Weight Loss


    • Plan ahead before stepping out for shopping and list down the essential food items. Shop strictly according to the list and never indulge in buying food items that can upset your weight loss program


    • You can seek professional advice from nutritionists and dieticians regarding the type and portion size of the food products essential for building a healthy body


    • A weight loss diet cannot be totally devoid of fat, but its intake should be strictly maintained as per the guidelines of the dietician. It is always advised to select low-fat food items including a low-fat cooking medium


    • Always add raw food items in your cart so that you can cook them according to your dietary requirement and convenience. Never include processed and canned food items to spare yourself from cooking. If time is a constraint, then opt for steam cooked foods and faster cooking modes but never compromise with the quality


    • Check the nutritional value and shelf life of every food item that you pick. Look for low carbohydrate, low fat and low cholesterol food items. Food with high fibre content must be included in your shopping list


    • Avoid adding readymade pizzas, burgers, colas and other carbonated beverages. Instead, you can opt for pizza breads made of wheat and other whole grains and bake delicious pizzas at home


    • Add low-fat dairy products and cheese to your shopping list, but check the nutritional content before buying


    • Let your friend or partner, who supports your weight loss regime, accompany you while going out for shopping. They can provide guidance in selecting the right kind of food items that will facilitate to achieve your goal


    • Go out for shopping with your stomach full so that you will not crave for a bite of pastry or refresh yourself with a can of carbonated drink


    • Consume the purchased food items within the scheduled time period instead of gorging up all the food items in a few days



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Self-motivation is another important factor for those who do not bother about their purses while shopping. A higher level of affordability often drives people to pick up wrong and expensive food items that completely go against the weight loss regime. as fatter persons with fatter purses are not rare!

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How to Lose Weight if Your Hormones are Out of Balance


Hormones regulate many physical and mental functions of our body; any fluctuation and/or imbalance may affect the bodily processes. When there is a hormonal imbalance, a person may experience symptoms such as unintended weight gain. To address the issues of hormonal fluctuations, one must make lifestyle adjustments.


Tips to Lose Weight During Hormone Imbalance


Fluctuations or imbalance of weight-related hormones such as leptin, ghrelin, and cortisol affect metabolism and appetite, taking a toll on one’s waistline. Women are more likely to experience hormone surges, especially during puberty, pregnancy, and menopause, gaining weight subsequently.

Mentioned below are ways to figure out whether the weight gain is due to hormonal changes and how you can lose weight despite the imbalance.



Assess Yourself:


observe all the body changes that have been occurring alongside weight gain. Figure out if a surge of estrogen is affecting metabolism and causing the increase in appetite. There may be other reasons for weight gain such as limited physical activity or frequent binging on unhealthy foods.

Once you have found out the cause for weight gain, it is advisable that you increase the amount of physical activity. Exercising will help ease the side-effects of hormonal fluctuations. A study published in the Maturitas: The European Menopause Journal suggested that women with more involvement in physical exercises had less weight gain issues and menopausal symptoms.

Changes in hormonal levels may occur because of wrong food choices. To contain weight-related hormones’ functions, health experts recommend a diet high in protein and fibre. Foods such as meats, eggs, dairy, seeds, nuts, and legumes help one feel full and also keep a tab on cravings besides reducing overall caloric intake. Consulting a doctor before beginning a new diet is very important if you have a chronic condition or when you are on medication.

Seek the advice of others who have experienced the same problem. Enrolling in a support group will help you stay on course with your weight loss regimen. Ask for a doctor’s help if you don’t see any changes in you after making lifestyle modifications for weight loss. Discuss your treatment options with him/her when your hormonal issues are disrupting your daily life by making you gain weight.

Hormones control almost every aspect of how we gain weight. Therefore, it is important to maintain hormonal functions.

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Tips to Reduce Belly Fat Without a Sweat


Look at yourself and think if you really deserve a bulging tummy. Think how you would look with a flat tummy and rock hard abdomen. Now here is how you get it.


How to Reduce Belly Fat


Eating a balanced diet and regular exercise is the safest way to getting a flat tummy. Go in for a diet rich in proteins and minerals, avoid junk food, get enough sleep, drink plenty of water, reduce your sodium intake and see your confidence improve as your tummy gets tighter.



Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat


    • Strive for a 30-minute workout on alternate days. Indulge in full body exercises like lunges, push-ups, and pull-ups, for one set of 15 repetitions. Don’t forget to follow every exercise with one minute of jumping rope. You should be able to burn around 500 to 600 calories per workout to reduce your tummy


    • Crunches and leg raise provide best results for your question about how to reduce tummy at home. Begin by doing three sets of 20 repetitions. You could also do planks; hold your body in a push-up position on your elbows for 30 to 60 seconds


    • To get rid of your love handles, go in for side bends. Do 20 bends on each side.


    • Remember, core muscle strength is the key to strengthening the abdominal muscles and losing excess tummy fat quickly


    • Also, do not shy away from weights; they are the best exercise to reduce tummy. You can use weight machines and other gym equipment to help you reduce tummy fat fast. Use the cycle, the twister and the treadmill. All these will help in gaining overall strength along with your tummy


How to Reduce Belly Fat with Dietary Modifications


    • Avoid junk food at all costs. Products made with white flour (maida) are a strict no. For instance, in white bread, all fibre has been removed. Increase your fibre intake by consuming whole grain products. Avoiding chips and cookies is the key to reduce belly


    • Little changes in your diet can go a long way in determining your waistline. For instance, switch whole milk for skimmed milk. Low-fat dairy products are also a great source of protein. Swap your ice cream sodas for lime water and butter milk


    • Instead of three heavy meals, take six small meals. Eat to satisfy your hunger, not your tongue. Know when you are full


    • Keep a gap of two hours between your last meal and sleeping. Foods eaten close to bedtime get stored as fat


    • If you want to reduce stomach, skipping your breakfast is a bad idea. It has been proved by studies that your body’s metabolism gets a jump-start with a balanced breakfast. In fact, not just the mornings, breakfast keeps your metabolism going for the whole day. When you skip meals, your body’s metabolism slows down which forces the body to break down muscle tissues for energy and conserve fat


    • You can minimize your water retention by avoiding sodium intake i.e. your salt intake. For flavour, use other herbs and spices


How to Reduce Belly Fat with Lifestyle Modifications



Your lifestyle often determines your health. It is therefore important to inculcate healthy habits.


    • Ask us how to reduce tummy and we will tell you that proper sleep goes a long way in ensuring that your waistline stays under check. People, who are sleep deprived, feel dull all the time and tend to overeat. It is important to take your 7 to 8 hours of sleep for optimal weight management. This is not useful just for temporary weight loss but supports weight issues in the long run too. People who have a full night’s sleep tend to feel less hungry through the day. To sleep properly at night, studies recommend switching off your electronic gadgets an hour before going to bed. Also, do not smoke and do not drink the night away


    • Stress is a big culprit in causing fat to collect around your tummy and makes it difficult to reduce belly fat. When you take too much stress, your body secretes hormone cortisol which leads to fat build-up. This fat build-up happens around the organs in the abdominal cavity. Staying stress-free has a big role to play in keeping our hormones normal and reducing tummy fat quickly. Try stress-busting activities like meditation, bubble bath, or listening to music


    • Leading a sedentary lifestyle is one of the biggest reasons of fat build up in the middle body area. Avoid sitting in one place for the long duration. If you are in a desk job, take short breaks for coffee, go for a walk after lunch, go to the water dispenser yourself to fill your water bottle, try and work while standing whenever you can. Try walking to the nearest bus station home instead of taking a conveyance or ditch your bike and walk to the grocery shop every day to reduce your tumm y


    • Snack healthy, instead of cheese sticks, munch on walnuts and almonds


    • Most people are very enthusiastic when they begin a new exercise your diet routine but lose interest when midway. The idea is to inculcate these practices as a way of life


How to Reduce Fat Around Your Stomach with Home Remedies



There are some Ayurveda tips to drop the fat deposits around your belly.


    • Starting your day with lemon juice is one of the best ways to lose that tummy fat. Squeeze a lime into a glass of warm water and add a pinch of salt to it. Drinking this beverage regularly every morning will not only eliminate your paunch but also boost your metabolism


    • Replace your white rice with wheat products, Brown rice, brown bread, whole grains, oats, and quinoa are very good dietary alternatives


    • When you want to lose fat from your midsection, you should keep your body hydrated. Drink sufficient amounts of water to get rid of your belly fat at home. Drinking water removes toxins from your body, boosting the metabolism and reducing your stomach fat. Herbal tea is another tasty alternative to drinking water. Green tea is rich in catechins. It is a compound that aids fat metabolism in your body. An increased metabolism helps the body to shed fat faster


    • Chewing two or three cloves of garlic every morning and following it with drinking a glass of lemon water doubles up the weight loss process. It also ensures a smooth blood circulation in your body


    • Avoiding red meat is recommended in order to reduce tummy fat. Plus, including a lot of fruits and vegetables in your diet helps the fat loss process. Ingest a bowl of fresh fruits daily every morning and evening to supply your body with various antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins


    • Using lots of spices like cinnamon, ginger and black pepper in your daily meals help improves your insulin resistance and reduces sugar levels in your blood. They are also loaded with health benefits


    • Knowing how to reducing your stomach fat shouldn’t be much of a trouble if you can be regular with exercises and follow and the right kind of diet. Most crash diets and strenuous exercises only leave you exhausted. The above mentioned simple tips to lose tummy fat and get going to find a better you


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